About the APPG on ESG

CSR Accreditation

CSR Accreditation is a leading UK based company delivering an updated standard for social responsibility and a global CSR accreditation. It is now more important than ever to show that we are doing everything we can to improve the world we live in for future generations, not only by reducing the negative impact we have on the environment, but by building a better and cohesive society. CSR-A’s accreditation is a great way to pull together what businesses are already doing with their environmental and social responsibility initiatives. It provides a simple and straightforward template enabling clients to record activity against the four pillars of environment, workplace, community, and philanthropy. CSR Accreditation helps its clients integrate ESG compliance, Identify SDG alignment and address sustainability and consumer concerns into its clients’ business operations and strategy. CSR-A also provides training, social impact reporting and consultancy.